Vine Now Available in 19 New Languages

Vine Now Available in 19 New Languages

Vine, Twitter's amazing six-second video sharing app for Androids and IOS is now easily available in 19 new languages. How awesome is that?

The most famous and wonderful app is available in so many languages such as French, German, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Malay, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Turkish. But vine for Android is also accessible in Polish and Filipino.

"Now, it has become very easy for people all over the world to share and watch posts that are amazingly laughable, develop something new or show us what's happening around the world." Vine co-founder Kroll shares his views about the app.

"We have started to bring people closer from all around world, wherever you live in the world, whether it's Brazil, Japan or any other place, we wish this new update makes it convenient for you to find out and create videos that bring everyone closer."

This amazing app provides an opportunity for users to create and share funny or humorous videos.

Vine was attained by Twitter before its official launching for a confidential sum. Twitter had started this service in January.

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Vine, which is a free app for Android and IOS, can easily be downloaded from App store.