Twitter Beefs up Search with New Filters

Twitter Beefs up Search with New Filters

People will see some new filters of Twitter to its mobile apps on IOS and Android.

User will get a chance to filter searches for some particular topics such as videos or photos, according to a blog post released by twitter.

Twitter's another amazing filter provides opportunity to its users to search completely from those they follow, and won't be receiving tweets from strangers. Users can also categorize between top tweets and all tweets.

This new update will be consisting of a new trending timeline that tells which television shows are ranked high on the platform. Users can avail this app by clicking on the "discover" tab within the application.

Frequent users of Twitter have always been facing problems in terms of search limitations. It's not a piece of cake to find specific tweet. The company is trying to resolve this issue with the addition of the blue line in August.

The reason behind this is to reemerge tweets on your feed. In this way, if someone responds to a tweet some hours later, you will be able to see the tweet with the response for added context.

The updates are now available on Google Play and in the App store according to the spokesperson from Twitter.