Instagram Reportedly Working on New Messaging Feature

Instagram Reportedly Working on New Messaging Feature

The day when Facebook has acquired Instagram last year, it has become so much popular and there has been so much speculation about the future plans for this amazing photo-sharing app. Now the new report says that Instagram is working on its messaging feature to make it more attractive and popular.

It was reported by GigaOm last month that Instagram was going to launch a new messaging feature. It declared that the new updates will be available before the end of this year.

This is going to be an amazing update as it will definitely be getting popular because one could be able to send message with images.

On Friday, Techcrunch disclosed information that is obtained from some unknown source which shows many users have gotten their personal email address. The source is an ecommerce marketing professional, found the different email address during a request of data-gathering from a third-party company which receives social media information.

But for now, there are no further details updated about personal email address or how they are going to work for Instagram users.