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How Mobile Phones Are Feasible Than Personal Computers?

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are among the splendid inventions in this world on 3rd April 1973 Martin cooper invented first mobile phone. Mobile phones are the upgraded form of telephones which are so called wireless phones. Mobile phones had a great impact in this world by accelerating the power of communication in this universe.

How they work?

In the most basic phenomenon a mobile phone is a two way radio device it consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. When a mobile phone works it converts your voice into an electrical signal which is then transmitted by radio waves to the nearest tower and then these waves transfer to another mobile phones.

How they are better?

Mobile phone are small devices and can be easily carried away from one place to another place even user put these phones in their pockets and complete their particular task. Mobile phones in today’s not only provide call facilities but provide higher facilities on internet access also neglecting large computers user setup their works on mobile phones. Including these tasks.

  • • Emailing through mobile phones.
  • • Use of social networks.
  • • Accessing in many different websites.
  • • Making presentations.
  • • Video and photo editing.
  • • Etc

  • Mobile applications and there developments:

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