Dropbox for iOS Updated with iOS 7 Redesign

Dropbox for iOS Updated with iOS 7 Redesign

Dropbox for IOS has been now updated to version 3.0, by putting an entire IOS-7 style redesign. The application comprises of an overhauled App Store and a complete design which showcases more white space, a better look, less noticeable navigation bars. Menu and Folder icons have also be overhauled.

Moreover, the latest version of Dropbox provides a streamlined iPad experience plus it has improved exporting and sharing. It also features speed improvement, AirDrop support, PDF viewing updates, and bug fixes.

Updated Version 3.0 includes;

  • An amazingly new design for IOS 7
  • It provides a streamlined pad experience; you just need to tap on the photos and files to switch full screen.
  • It has just made it quite easier to send files to the favorite apps through improved exporting and sharing.
  • AirDrop allows you to send files and links in a snap
  • You can save videos to your library consistently
  • It overcomes our most common crashes
  • It fixes bug which causes HTML to deliver a text
  • It allows faster launch, speed, photo loading and video playback