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5 Best Radio Aps for Android

Music is something that can soothe your mind; we feel absolutely relaxed once we listen to our most favorite songs. So, here we bring you the five most popular radio apps for android, which includes Pandora Internet Radio, Tuneln, Scanner Radio, Stitcher Radio and iHeartRadio. Select any one and start listening to your favorite tracks anytime whenever you want.

These apps are the turning point of mobile app development even for developers as well. These apps have ruled & still ruling the app stores.


Tuneln have noticed 50 million to 100 million installs and contains an average Google Play Store rating of 4.6 stars out 5.

If you haven’t tried the features of this amazing app, you’re definitely missing it out. This astounding app will allow you to search up to 70,000 live terrestrial and Internet radio stations from all over the world. It also includes a couple of million podcasts.

Pandora Internet Radio:

Pandora is absolutely free and it provides smooth streaming. It’s another amazing app for android just like TuneIn. All you need to do is to enter a genre of an artist, song and this app will generate a custom radio- like station which plays like sounding music. You can also sync this app with your desktop.

Stitcher Radio - News & Talk

This fascinating app is a merger of TuneIn and Pandora, but just for news and talk. Stitcher allows you to fasten talk shows together to make a customized station and bring together news and radio into visual playlist.
It features includes recommendations based on “thumbing up” what you listen to; a Listen on Demand function; and breaking audio news alerts.

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio allows you to listen up to 4,000 public safeties, amateur and radio frequencies from all over the world, which includes fire and police dispatched and incident based tactical communication.
Benefits of scanner over Internet, as opposed to scanner-over radio waves, include being able to listen to a hometown frequency when away.


Some terrestrial stations not found in our No.1 position TuneIn app just like Power 105.1 in New York, but they can be found in Clear Channel app iHeartRadio.
It contains some amazing features which can’t be found in TuneIn. That’s why it holds number fifth position.